Some of the many books illustrated by Ritva Voutila:
101 Excuses for Not Doing Homework by Carly Little (Scholastic, 1991)
The Cat's Handbook
by Sam Carey (Scholastic, 1991)
Midge, Mum and the Neighbours by Phil Cummings (Random House, 1992)
Little Mermaid and Other Tales
by Hans Christian Andersen (IMP, 1996)
Two Hours with Tilly by Alison Peters (Blake, 2000)
Green Apricots and Blue Jeans
by Claire Saxby (Blake, 2000)
Running Away by Alana Peters (Blake, 2001)
Poppy's Path
by Wendy Orr (Koala Books, 2001)
Fantastic and Fabulous by Penny Hall (Koala Books, 2001)
by Chris Bell (Blake, 2002)
Babyfood by Kathy Pike (Blake 2002)
Brain Block
by Lisa Thompson (Blake, 2003)
Pequeño Cuento de Horror y Otros Relatos by Alberto Forcada (CIDCLI, SC, Mexico, 2004)

The Day the Dreaming Died by Rob Aalders (Alter Ego Publishing, Lithgow, 2006)
In Australia

Lost Island series by Lisa Thompson (Blake Publishing, 2008)

This is a series of over 30 children's books consisting of the following storybook titles (in addition to Big Books, nonfiction titles and literacy skills material):

The Dinosaur Egg
Luna Likes Purple
Ellie's Big Swim
Lucky Dinosaurs
Time to Fly
Little Lost Linoraur
Wild Child
Our Island
The Big Roar
Who Wants to Play?
Something Special
What Trio Built
Dinosaur Surprise
Around the Island
Tickles' New Nest
What's Wrong with Rex?
What a Ride!
Noisy Jungle
Where Are the Dinosaurs?
Trio Gets Stuck
The Big Kidnap
Ellie's Greatest Find
The Scariest Thing
Dinosaur Wings
Pixie Pop
The Island Jewel
The Silly Saurus
Dino Dinner
The Biggest Smallest Dinosaur
Wild! Wild! Wild! (Readers' Theatre 1)
Pixie Dust (Readers' Theatre 2)
The Abandoned Egg (Reader's Theatre 3)

The Day the Dreaming Died by Rob Aalders (Alter Ego Publishing, Lithgow, 2006)
For more information on Lost Island series including interactive games, puzzles and activities visit:
Cats in Character by Ritva Voutila (Quant Pole Publishing, Katoomba, 2008)
H ere are some of the over 250 illustrations done by Ritva in 2006/2007 for the "Lost Islands" series.

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Grandpa's Gift by Pam Harvey (Blake, 2009)
There's No Such Thing
by Bren McDibble (Blake, 2010)
Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde (Allen & Unwin, Melbourne, October 2012)
The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild (Little Hare, 2014)
Outside by Libby Hathorn (Little Hare, 2014)
The Nutcracker
retold by Margrete Lamond (Little Hare, 2015)
CBCA Notable Book of the Year 2015 Award
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